Tips for How to Take Your Family for Fishing in Dubai

Mostly on weekends people want to spend time fishing but they also make an an excuses that it takes away from family time. Our solution “Bring ‘em along!” With some planning and preparations, this activity can be fun for all.

With our team of experts each member of your family will have a life time experience which they would love to recommend to others too.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Look for or contact us for fishing and boating spots in the UAE. There are various spots in the UAE with variety of sea activity and kinds of fish to catch. Take advantage of our experienced staff if you want to additionally arrange family parties on our luxury boats and yachts.
  2. Scout ahead of time. A little recon trip will be very beneficial to a family trip. Be able to drive right to the boat ramp or access area. How brushy is the shore? Are there places to cast? Other hazards to watch out for?
  3. Make sure the weather is nice. Even if the fish are really biting, you will find the family’s patience lacking if it is cold, rainy, and windy. We highly recommend that you inform us in advance when children will accompany. So that we make necessary arrangement and also inform you if things have to be arranged at your ends.
  4. Empower! Give the kids a duty or assignment. Children are not always interested in fishing, but if we offer to take the yacht and assign them some onboard activities, they will have good time and equally you will be able to enjoy too.
  5. Those who have their own fishing licenses, while you are renewing your fishing license, pick up a new set of fishing regulations and read them closely for changes and new prospective areas. For example, there may be early trout stockings of special “artificial lure only” streams.

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