1. Burj Khalifa


Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building which pierces the sky at 828m. It is a stunning feat of architecture and engineering, with two observation decks on the 124th and 148th floors and a restaurant-bar on the 122nd. Note that high humidity often cloaks Dubai in a dense haze, making views less than breathtaking. To avoid wait times or expensive fast-track admission, book tickets online as far as 30 days in advance.

The most popular ticket is the one to the At the Top observation deck on the 124th floor (452m), where high-powered telescopes (for an extra fee) help bring even distant developments into focus (at least on clear days) and cleverly simulate the same view at night. Getting to the deck means passing various multimedia exhibits until a double-decker lift whisks you up at 10m per second.

To truly be on the world’s highest observation platform, though, you need to spring for tickets to At the Top Sky on the 148th floor (555m). A visit here is set up like a hosted VIP experience, with refreshments, a guided tour and an interactive screen where you ‘fly’ to different city landmarks by hovering your hands over high-tech sensors. Afterwards, you’re escorted to the 125th floor to be showered with interesting titbits about Dubai and the Burj and to take another virtual tour of major sights in an interactive attraction called A Falcon’s Eye View.

2. Fishing in Dubai


Rent a yacht and enjoy your fishing experience! Fishing is one of the most liked things when in Dubai on your luxury or business tour. Visitors of Dubai enjoy this sport, especially over weekends when large number of groups explore Dubai’s deep sea. Fishing trip organizers take care of complete arrangement including fishing gears, food and drinks with full excitement, fun, adventure and learning about Dubai and its waters. In each trip there are fair chances of catching huge amounts of fish including: fluke, bluefish, flounder, striped bass, blackfish, porgy, barracuda, sherry, sultan ibrahim, hammour, small shark, kingfish, cobia, qabit, nagroor, tilapia and hammour. You can choose one of the most common fishing spots here.

Equipment, accessories and value added services can be availed on hourly or long term bases. Companies such as Dubai Fishing arrange all those for you and make your fishing in Dubai experience memorable. Standard fishing equipment and accessories include fishing rods, hooks, reels, bait, and so on. Value added service vary depending on the size of the group and duration of the fishing trip.

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3. Hot Air Balloon over Dubai’s Desert


Rise early to start your hot air balloon experience with a hotel pickup from central Dubai, and then travel out of the city toward Dubai Desert Conservation Reservation, roughly 30 minutes away. Stop at the launch field in Margham, and hop out of your minibus to watch your brightly colorful balloon inflate. After listening to a safety briefing, step inside your balloon’s basket and take to the skies with your pilot. Each basket holds a maximum of 24 people and there’s plenty of room for you to sightsee comfortably as you soar up and away. Have your camera ready to capture bird’s-eye views of the desert that stretches out as far as the eye can see. As you watch the sun rise over the red-tinged sand dunes, listen to your pilot talking about the barren landscape mapped out beneath you, and learn about the wildlife —think camels and gazelles — that prosper in the harsh desert conditions.After an hour in the air, it’s time to return to ground level, so, follow your pilot’s instructions for a smooth landing. Once back on the ground, head inside the launch center to celebrate your flight by receiving your personalized flight certificate and enjoying a cool drink. A professional video of your experience is available should you want to purchase it.Finish your drink, and then return to your minibus to end your Dubai hot air balloon experience with a hotel drop-off.

4.  Desert Safari & Sandboarding


Settle into a 4×4 with your private guide and drive to some of the best sand dunes in Dubai’s desert to try this popular desert sport. Then, listen and learn from your guide’s expert instructions, grab a sandboard, and start sliding and riding down the sandy slopes. If you wish, upgrade and add a 30-minute or 60-minute quad biking session to your desert adventure! Enjoy the undivided attention of your guide on this private tour.

Leave your centrally located Dubai hotel in an air-conditioned 4×4 along with your private guide. Settle into the comfortable interior and enjoy the views of the empty sandy landscapes as you head away from the city.
After a short drive, arrive at some of the best and most beautiful sand dunes the Dubai desert has to offer. Then, drive across the slopes to find the ideal spot for sandboarding — one of the most popular desert sports in the UAE.
When the time comes, climb back into your 4×4 and travel back Dubai, where your sandboarding safari finishes with a hotel drop-off.

5. Wild Wadi


Wild Wadi is a place for those who like to ride a water roller coaster, plunge down death-defying slides and bodysurf huge waves. While these rides have a 110 cm minimum height requirement, smaller kids can still have fun scooting down a lazy river or letting off steam in a vast water playground with smaller slides, water guns and a dumping bucket.

Note that one night a week (usually Thursday) the park is open only to women, girls, and boys under eight.


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